Healthy Eating Lifestyle

The Herbalife meal plan is an eating lifestyle change, not a diet.

One does not need to be on a diet to be eating healthy. Just think that what you put in your mouth will eventually affect your health, one way or another. 

Create and maintain a healthy eating, and drinking, habit.  Start with drinking a lot of water, cut back on bad carbohydrates, salts, fats and sugars.

I read somewhere about the three Rs:

Reflect on your habits,

Replace the unhealthy habits, and

Reinforce your new habits.


Every time I started a new diet plan I would maybe last two weeks on it, because I would be bored preparing the meals ahead of time and bored of eating mostly the same things, so I deviated from the diet.  The one thing I always remember every time was to keep a journal of everything I consumed in the day, and to plan ahead of what I am going to eat. 

I still practice these two things because they worked for me, they were effective in a weight loss plan or even just maintaining my weight.


Take care of you, be who you are, and if you want to 'edit' or lose some weight, then only you know what you need to do. Your body, Your decision.

Message me on my contact form below if you would like any input when you are stuck, and would like to move forward with losing your weight.

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