Fitness Motivation

When You See It, Just Do It!

As I mentioned before, I am not a personal trainer, just a struggling 62 year old trying to be fit, toned, and healthy.

I am a half marathon runner (completed my 25th half marathon in March 2020). I am a licensed Zumba and Strong by Zumba instructor. Due to lack of time, I have not choreographed or taught a class in years, but I do follow my Zumba CDs 3 times a week. 


On this page I am sharing the workouts that have worked for me, in my weight loss journey and toning my body.

Always make sure that you start slow, and not over-do-it the first day.

My motivations are feeling energetic, strong, and toned. 

What will motivate you?

Warm up before going for a run
Working shoulder/arms
30 minutes workout
Lunges with bar
Forward & Backward
Lunges with weights
Squats with
Knee raises
no weights
Sumo squats
with weights
curl back
Plank Hold
60 seconds
Chess Press
Back Shoulder & Back Raises
Side to Side Squats with Weights
Crunches on Balance Ball
Triceps & Legs
More Balance Ball Abs
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