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Everyday issues, my opinion, and any observations will be discussed in this blog. 

My idea in creating this blog is to share what I see, my opinions, and my suggestions. This will include health, family, pandemic, weather, traffic, people in general, and anything that comes to mind.


Keep in mind that in our every day lives so many things are happening, and so many things are seen differently.  Each one of us have a special power, each have different life styles, opinions, and some just go with the flow, live day to day.


If you would like to share or respond to any of my blogs you can submit the contact form below or just simply provide your comments at

You can also just click on the 'Continue Reading' button after each blog, and it will take you to my blog site. I will always be respectful, so all I ask is for you to reciprocate or respond with respect.

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