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My blogs, and my social media platforms are a way of me holding myself accountable through you, the readers, because I cannot preach if I do not practice it.  So Accountability plays a major role in my blogging, and weight loss journey.  Being accountable to someone, besides yourself, helps you in pursuing anything you want.  If you believe you are deviating from your goal, you can talk to someone or message me.

Being Fit and staying fit is a combination of working out, and eating healthy.  The combination works better if done together.  Sometimes it is so bothersome and boring that it gets tedious, and it is not done, or is left to be started the next day, or left for after the weekend, or to start on a Monday.

The reality is that we find an excuse to get started because it is hard to do.

On this website I will be sharing tips that include our health, tips or workouts, and tips on how glamorous you can look with or without make up.

As I mentioned before, I want to Pay it Forward, it has been a difficult journey for me but reading other blogs, and persons posting their successes and their workouts has inspired me to continue.  Hoping these tips will help and/or inspire you to be mindful of your eating, clean eating, exercising daily, and maintaining your beauty.

Let me hear from you, send me your information and any questions or suggestions you may have via my contact page at the bottom. I will be blogging the various topics, on my Blog page on this website.  If you have anything to discuss, let me know when you complete the contact form. Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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Our Time Support Fit Group

I created this group in August 2015, on Facebook, and on a WhatsApp chat group, with the intentions to encourage and motivate each other in the habit of eating healthy, exercising and getting fit and toned. I posted articles that will help me and others to follow a healthy lifestyle. To be Fit for Life! 

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Accountability, Encouragement and Motivation (AEM) are the key things to be able to succeed as our own personal challenge/journey.

Go to the Blog page in this website for more of my weight loss journey, about our health, fitness, and anything to support and To Be Fit for Life.

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