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I am Just Paying it Forward

It all began when I wanted to lose 20 pounds, I was frustrated, my clothes were tight, and I could not stick to following any 'clean eating' meal plan.  Then I joined a weight loss challenge on 4/7/20 it was a 21 day challenge with a Herbalife group. The first 2 weeks were very challenging but for once I stayed on course.  I got hooked on the Herbalife products, each product I tried I liked more than the previous one. I used the products, and followed their recommended meal plan(s).


Twenty weeks later I lost 18 pounds. It was not easy ... and some cheat meals here and there ... prevented me for losing more. The more pounds I lost, the more enthusiastic I became and I continued my weight loss journey. I committed and dedicated myself to working out every morning for 30-45 minutes, followed the Herbalife meal plan, and encouraging others to follow me. 


It is why I have now dedicated myself to paying it forward and hoping someone that has been struggling with their weight to stop and try it.  I set myself the goal weight that I wanted, and I am determined to reach that goal weight.  The weekends are my biggest challenge, and I am still working on self-control.  Getting back on track is and will always hard, but I am going to stick to it. I learned that accountability, and commitment are the key words to succeed in my weight loss journey.


Therefore, like I mentioned before, I want to pay it forward, and with my online presence, Instagram and Facebook pages, Our Time Support Fit Group, I am hoping I can enlighten those of you, that find it difficult to lose those 'extra' pounds, to try.  Whatever works for you, as long as you keep healthy.  Three healthy meals a day, and a lot of water.

No excuses, no substitutions and no exceptions to your plan

Control and Restrain your impulses

Focus on One day at a time, Plan your meals and Snacks for the week, Keep a log of your cravings

Commitment & Dedication

I needed a push to get started, and to be committed to not stopping. Herbalife nutrition was my push. Back in August 2015 I joined the Herbalife team, and participated in a 4 week challenge to lose weight and be fit. I won the challenge!! My results were incredible, I lost 12 pounds, body % loss of 6.8, and average of 5 inches all around. Not only did I accomplish losing my weight, and inches, I won the jackpot money, and a dry-fit shirt.

Managing my weight has always bee an issue, I would struggle to lose the weight, and it always came back by just eating or smelling food and sweets. After doing so many diets, and spending so much money I decided to commit to the one that fits me best. I went back to Herbalife Nutrition and began my weight loss journey again in April 2020, and I will continue to be in this journey in order not to gain the weight back. Besides the products, this journey included clean eating and daily exercising!

The Herbalife products and clean eating meal plan have broken down my unwanted-weight-walls when I hit a plateau. What makes it a pleasant journey is that the shakes, teas, and snacks are delicious! In addition to the great Herbalife support system in place. 


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